Cesar Group

Cesar Group has been importing, designing, and installing Italian kitchens for the past 20 years! Our mission is to provide exquisite and practical kitchens that are customized to your own needs. Cesar Group established itself in the Lebanese market as a prominent company that delivers superior authentic Italian kitchens. This was achieved by relying on high quality Italian kitchens imported from Aran Cucine. The customer centric culture we nurture ensures that our innovative designs reflect your lifestyle. We aim to adapt to the varying needs of our clients and to the latest technologies.

Our Quality & Design

Quality is our primary corporate value! The reliability and durability of our kitchens is ensured through careful consideration for material selection, production technology, design, and execution.
Italian kitchens earned a reputation in Europe and across the world for their high quality standards. Nevertheless, the aesthetics of Italian kitchens is unmatched and continually pursued. Cesar Group brings you the latest unique Italian designs with the durability you are looking for.

What Cesar Group offers

- Authentic Italian kitchens imported directly from Aran Cucine
- Kitchen designs that reflect your lifestyle and the latest trends
- High quality standards throughout the various stages of design and execution

Importing from Aran Cucine, Italy

- The leading Italian luxury super-brand and the largest Italian cabinet manufacturer
- A global leader in the kitchens industry; their products are present in more than 120 countries around the world
- Aran has a wide array of contemporary and traditional kitchens, expert knowledge in Italian kitchen cabinets, distinctive designs and innovative products